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Dropshipper since 2015 with 3 E-Commerce stores, I achieved $22,000 in sales within the first 3 months clocking over $3000 in profits each month! After learning from many different mentors and having gone through many trial-and-errors, I managed to come up with the PERFECT D.R.O.P FORMULA. This system saved me lots of costs and increased my sales tremendously! These strategies are tried and tested by me and can easily be applied by anyone!

LifeHacks 2020 Amazon Bestseller

I'm an author!

The book that I co-authored Life Hacks 2020 is finally here! And this book is an Amazon Bestseller! Life Hacks 2020 covers 3 major life topics : Health, Wealth & Relationship! In this book, I shared how I achieved work-life balance as a Stay At Home Mom by building Dropshipping businesses from home so that I can have the desired lifestyle I wanted; which is to spend MORE quality time with my loved ones! 

Learnt from the best!

Learning advanced filming and videography skills from the most famous director in Singapore,  Jack Neo, was my great honour! I could apply what I have learnt into the content of my social media posts and my youtube videos, to propel my online business presence to a new level!

What Others Say About
My Proven D.R.O.P. System

"OMG, i had my first sale in 2 days, and i only had 1 listing!! definitely wasn't expecting it! thank you so much May for your help, always so patiently answering my questions. can't imagine how many people you have to reply to the same questions! 😅 never really thought this could work, but this is indeed possible! and your price is unmatched seriously. looking forward to getting your new course!!"
Shannon Zann
Emcee, Actress, Entrepeneur
"Yes I made my first sales on the 7th day after finishing May’s Ultimate Dropshipping course! It really works and I cannot believe my eyes. Her course is really easy to understand and her 5S make it simple to follow too! Just have to trust her process and what she tell you to do. Just follow and don’t doubt! May is also very patient in answering my questions too. Now I’m so excited now! I’m going to repeat her steps again and get more sales! Thanks May once again ☺️🙏🏻"
Kenneth Choo
Founder, Mother Industrialist
"Very pleased to have signed up with this course. It's very clear and simple to follow. Can't even believe I've made my 1st sale on the 2nd day!!! And I've been constantly active and making $$$ at EBay ever since! Thank you very much SuperMomTV! I highly recommend signing up this course!"
Erica Tyvn
Business Owner
"Thanks SuperMom TV for having such a great course to enable me pick up the knowledge of drop shipping from zero. The course cover not only the business knowledge but also step by step in practical way including setup your own store. Nonetheless you also always try your best to address my question whenever I face a problem to understand the study material. Sincerely appreciate for your help and also selflessness sharing (e.g. YouTube tips) from time to time. Thank you!"
LeeHow Chew
Food Vlogger
"Had enrolled to May’s drop shipping course and i found the course friendly with May’s step by step guide and tips to follow. May is also very prompt in replying to my questions. Had my first sales after my 7th listing and within a week of listing. Will be pressing forward and looking for more future sales. Thanks May for ur great n friendly course and your prompt replies which had helped me in achieving my first sales!"
Aud Leong
"I bought her dropshipping program. It is simple to follow and also very practical. It is suitable for absolute beginners"
Samson Seah
"Very informative and power-packed. One can practically start immediately after watching her videos. It was easy to grasp. There was no start-up costs involved, or marketing costs or any other hidden costs. Most importantly, it works as I have already made 2 sales so far by just listing 6 products! I'll definitely recommend this course, it's worth every dollar! Thanks for sharing this easy side income method!"
Real Estate Consultant
"Enrolled in May's Dropshipping program recently! Was clueless about Dropshipping before I started this course, but May's knowledge and teaching (so far) has convinced me that this business model is worth looking at. Having a model where a user does not need to hold stock sounds really viable, and you can earn a good profit along the way. You can be sure that her course is worth the pick up if you are interested in following this business model. She knows what she is saying and is very genuine in delivering her tips and know-how to her students. If you are interested or are curious about Drop-shipping, pick up her course! If you want a viable side income, do consider this option!"
Melvin Tan
Project Consultant

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